Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Hi all!

To begin with, let me introduce myself a bit. My name is Saya, like a common name Sara but in a little different pronunciation. It is relatively common in my home country Japan - that tiny island in the Pacific Ocean. Currently I am a college student in Portland, OR majoring in Communication Studies with minors in Film Studies and Asian Studies. I like music, movies, taking pictures, and food. I also spend so much money on so-called 'trash' like some shitty vinyls and work for the international student office at my school so I can waste even more money.

 I just decided to start this blog, like...a few minutes ago? This is actually like my tenth blog. Honestly I don't quite remember how many blogs I have created(and deleted, afterwards). I probably own about 5 blogs at this point, only one of which is active(and written in Japanese). I mainly wanted a place to record and share my thoughts, ideas, opinions, as well as just some random activities and everyday life. Also, as a student who focuses on media, I thought it would be interesting to practice writing and publish something online, regardless of who would see it.

Oh and I was perhaps tired of formal college writing...a bunch of research papers and scholarly articles. This blog is going to be very casual and relatively shitty. If you're willing to see some broke English typed out by some college student, well, go for it.

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